1970 / Lathing and Leveling Workshop

In those years, Mr. Haydar ŞAHİN started his business in a lathing and leveling workshop.

1980 / The First Foundations

As Formül Kalıp, the first foundations were laid with the identity of a mold maker and R&D conductor.

1990 / Incorporation

Formül was established as a company in 1990 and continued its activities in the field of small scale design, R&D, mold making and lathing, milling (machining) in the first years of its establishment.

1995 / Injection Machines

Formül invested on the injection machines and worked the molds manufactured and designed by it, in these machines and contract manufactured fittings.

2000 / Certificates

Formül started to obtain necessary certificates from internationally accredited institutions in these years. Respectively, TSE, ISO 9001-2015, ISO 27001, DVGW, SKZ, TZW, GOST-R, UKr-SEPRO, CSTB, AENOR certificates were obtained.

Also in 2017, Formül is the first company to obtain the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator Certificate) in other words the European Union Free Movement Certificate in the plastic sector.

2005 / Branding

Formül registered its own brand and started domestic sales. In the following period, aside from the domestic sales, the company turned its steps towards exporting by obtaining the patent rights of Aquapa, Aquapipe, Aquaplast and Foraqua brands.

2009 / Metal Factory

Formül was the first company to establish its own factory in those years, a factory which could meet the manufacturing needs of the company for metal pivoting group or metal fittings in product or semi-product classes.

2010 / R&D

Formül has realized various designs and projects with its professional team capable of R&D (KNOW-HOW) and having its own machinery parkour.

2013-2014 / Top 1000 Exporters

These are the years in which Formül has nearly tripled its production capacity and turnover in every field.

Assembly and packaging process were automatized.

The company sent its products to world markets by means of franchises it has created in over 50 countries. Since 2014, the company managed to find a place in the list of “Top 1000 Exporters” in which Turkey Exporters Assembly announced the companies which exported the most in the country.

To reflect the distance the company went since it has been established, from the title Formül Kalıp LTD. ŞTİ., the company turned into a joint-stock company and received the title Formül Plastik ve Metal Sanayi A.Ş.

2015 / Çerkezköy Factory

Formül constructed the factory buildings designed by the company in Çerkezköy / Veliköy Organized Industrial Zone, which provide renewable energy based on its own requirements and renewed its machines.

The company has internal R&D department, quality control department, PP-RC pipe department, PE-RT pipe department, injection department, automation department, semi-product department, warehouse and shipping department.

2016-2017 / New Products

Formül organized itself to meet the demand in Turkey and to increase the domestic market share and obtained a part in the market.

The mobile system (PE-RT) pipes, PVC wastewater pipes and fittings which were the 2 different product groups required by the sector, were incorporated into the company.

2020 / Industry Leader

Formül is the only company in the industry that has multi-eyed mold technology and product range related to it.

Formül is the company which exports the most in the PPR-C fittings product group.

Formül has an understanding for shipping which fully meets the customer expectations.

Formül, meets the customer requests in time and provides competitive prices by using its financial power appropriately.