"Formül in its modern factories in Veliköy and Çerkezköy produces PP-R pipes and fittings, PVC pipes and fittings and PE-RT pipes, as well as brass inserts and fittings."

In order to meet the needs of the plastic sector Formül started its production adventure as a plastic industry mold producer in the early 1990's when it was founded.

In the first years of its establishment, it continued its activities in the field of small-scale design, R&D, mold making and lathe, and milling (machining).

It started to produce PP-R pipes and fittings in the year 2000.

Our company, which has gained experience over the years, has become the company with the widest product range in the sector in PP-R pipes and fittings, with the advantage of being the only company that makes multi-cavity molds within its own structure.

Formül’s PP-R pipes and fittings is the best solution for directly transferring drinking water systems, wall flooring and radiator heating systems, air conditioning systems and all kinds of liquid systems.

Formül with its excellent product quality, wide product range and high production capacity is one of the most ideal companies for superstructures. The wide product range has made our company the center of attention of other PPRC producers as well as its customers. With its firm model feature, it has gained a respectable place in the plastic industry.

In recent years, it has completely renewed its machines and established modern factory buildings in Veliköy and Çerkezköy Industrial Zones in accordance with European standards. Assembly, packaging, and parceling works are carried out by automatic machines.

Formül meets-up the metal and insert requirements of its valves and all metal fittings with production from its own facility which are manufactured with fully automatic machines in Çerkezköy. Completing its investments in the field of "Machining" with its modern tools and machines and shaping metal as well as plastic, Formül is one of the rare companies that produce its own metal needs.

Thanks to its know-how and ability to produce multi-cavity molds from scratch in its own facilities, to quickly repair and reproduce existing molds, to produce metal input needs by itself; it solved the problem of being dependent on outside suppliers.

In order to possess a  competitive advantage and sell in regions all over the world, It acquired international quality certifications like the ISO 9001-2015 quality certificate, ISO 27001-2013 Information Security Management System and AEO Authorized Economic Operator Certificate and its products are internationally branded. Among these certifications are also the well-known quality certificates of TSE, DVGW, AENOR, CSTB, GOST, AVIZ TEHNIC, UKR SEPRO, SKZ, TZW and those of other countries which are periodically audited by independent organizations. With these credentials it guarantees high product quality, project-specific solutions and applications and a successful organization to its customers.

Formül is the first company in our industry to have the internationally recognized AEO (Authorized Economic Operator Certificate) certificate. Thanks to the AEO; given to companies that have proven their reliability by the Ministry, Formül can take imported goods directly to the factory and send the exported products from the factory directly to her customs border.

Formül, which has been exporting to more than 80 countries in 5 continents over time, has been among the "Top 1000 exporter companies" of our country since 2014.

The products it produces; FORMÜL, AQUAPA, FORAQUA, AQUAPIPE and AQUAPLAST are represented all over the world with their registered trademarks including their titles, shapes and logos.

It has become a popular and desired brand in Africa, CIS countries, Far East, Middle East and South America in a short time.

The ultimate goal of Formül is to deliver its products to every part of the 29.2%  land covered world.

Although Formül has always decided to protect its exporter feature, it recently started giving dealerships in the country by adding PE-RT pipe, PVC waste water product group and brass inserts and fittings, which in recent years are two of the most needed product groups by the sector. With these up-to-date investments, it has become an important player of the sector in the domestic market.

PE-RT pipes, which are used safely in heating installations and underfloor heating systems, are extremely flexible and easily laid pipes produced from heat-resistant polyethylene and have increased temperature resistance.

PVC waste water pipes are produced in the diameter range of 50 mm - 200 mm, belled by European machines and offered with gaskets.

With the goal of producing quality and excellent products and having customer satisfaction as a priority, Formül with the support of laboratory studies and R&D department has adopted the principle of producing defect-free products.

Formül, a leading company in its field, successfully carries out various project studies and R&D activities in its own laboratory in cooperation with universities, as a result, our company is among the few companies in the sector with its patents, utility models and industrial design documents.

Dynamism, speed and discipline are its characteristics. It makes the shipment when requested and properly.

Despite the heavy competition conditions in the market, Formül has adopted the vision and mission to always stand for its products by not compromising on quality, and has adopted a progressive and modern line as a principle.

Formül continues to contribute to the sector with its R&D, design, project and high engineering studies; It will continue to reveal many more projects and investments; which are currently in line, waiting when the time comes.