FORMÜL, which was established in 1990, has provided R&D, Project DesignProfessional Engineering services for the plastic sectorcontinues to serve this sector. FORMÜL officials have also taken an active role in many projects in the plastic sector for a long time before 1990. 

When it comes to its product groupsproduct range, FORMÜL is the leading company in its sector.

Besides meeting every need of all other companies, the company has adopted the motto of “You just sit backdecide what you want to dolet us think, designproduce it on your behalf” by creating projectsnew products (know-how). The richnessexpansiveness of its product range has put FORMÜL in the center of attention of the other PPRC product manufacturersall other companies in the sector. In other words, the company is in the spotlight of the plastic sector.

FORMÜL carries out design, new product developmentR&D (ResearchDevelopment) operations. For the company, achieving customer satisfaction through quality,flawless products comes first. FORMÜL has adopted the principle of producing perfect products with the support   of its project team, technical laboratory R&D department. The testsanalyses of FORMÜL products are undertaken by its own laboratory twenty-four-seven, with the assistance of its molding factory, brass production factory, pipe production factoryplastic fitting factory.

Plastic pipes, plastic fittings, plasticmetal accessoriesmolds with high mesh numbers are manufactured in FORMÜL’s own facilities without utilizing external services. Furthermore, the packing, packaging, boxingassembly of the products are carried out in automated machines in these facilities.

FORMÜL, which has adopted designproduction of the best, top-quality products as a principle, practices quality control with its modern laboratories, tools, machines, equipmentprofessional quality control team. The company offers all its products to customers all over the world with over a hundred international quality documents, quality certificates, utility model papers, TSE certificates, ISO 9001-2008 quality certificatesbrand registrations in many countries. These documentspapers include quality certificates from world renowned institutions such as DVGW, GOST, CE, UKR SEPRO, TSE, SKZ, TZW, ISO 9000other types of certificates from various countries. Additionally, the company is under regular inspections from independent institutions.

FORMÜL exports its products to over 50 countries in Asia, Europe, AmericasAfricathe number of such countries continues to rise each day. The company exports almost all of its products, which means that near 100% of its production capacity is used for exportation. Since FORMÜL serves international markets, it can meet regional demands through its rich product range.

FORMÜL does not compromise on quality despite the heavy competition in the marketis committed to following a progressivemodern route with a wide product rangeon-site services as its visionmission.

The ultimate goal of the company is to become able to present its products to 29.2% of the world, which covers every loca tion on each continent of earth.