2023 Masters League

The Masters League and Masters of the Future competitions, supported by Formül Plastik and other sponsors, were held at ISK-SODEX Arena on 25-26 October 2023. Both industry professional masters and future master candidates had the opportunity to exhibit their skills with competitions.

With the equipment provided by our company and other sponsors at ISK-SODEX Arena, 8 masters in the Masters League exhibited their skills by installing combi boilers and radiators within the framework of timing, correct installation, project compliance and aesthetic evaluation criteria, and in the Masters of the Future competition, vocational high school students exhibited their skills by performing air conditioner installation.

In the Masters League, a total of 30.000 TL prize was awarded to the masters who ranked as a result of the evaluations of 5 jury members consisting of officials of sponsor companies and experts in the field; In the Masters of the Future, medals and gift vouchers were presented to the 1st and 2nd place teams, and air conditioners and plaques were presented to their schools as a result of the evaluations of the jury members consisting of sponsor companies and experts in the field of cooling.