How Does PPR Pipe and Fittings Systems Behave Under Negative Degrees?

PPR pipes show glassy properties at 0 °C due to the material structure and the fragility of its raw material under these conditions. Thus if there is a possibility of pipes to face such conditions in the building during winter, then insulation should be used. Similarly, if it is to be used for some out-door installation, then adequate insulation should be provided. 

Handling PPR under cold conditions is tricky. Pipes tips should be cut by 5cm from the ends before welding. This will help prevent any cracks in the installation.



Other precautions that could be undertaken when installing PPR pipes under extremely cold conditions include the following:

1- Protect PPR pipes against impact before and after installation. The pipe’s end should be capped with an end plug. 

2- Avoid throwing PPR pipes during loading and unloading.

3- Carry out pressure tests at 15 bars after installing your PPR-C pipes. 

4- Do not over tighten PPR metallic fittings.

5- If the installation won’t be used immediately, drain the pipes. 

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