The most important feature of PP-R (Polypropylene Random Copolymer) raw material is; its high resistance against heat and chemical effects. Thanks to this resistance, pipes and fittings produced under our brand from PP-R raw material are successfully used in cold and hot water installations.



Thanks to the monomer structure of the PP-R raw material, it does not allow any biological material to be contained within it. It provides PP-R pipes and fittings made of PP-R raw material with superior properties that do not give off color, taste and odor.

PP-R raw material has a long life use for drinking water installations, hot water, radiator and floor heating systems and many industrial distribution systems.

PP-R raw material has many advantages over other plastics. For example; it is long-lasting, has high resistance to pressure and temperature, is more flexible, has high sound and heat insulation, high density and low melt flow rate.

PP-R raw material meets the requirements of ASTM F 2389, DIN 8077, DIN 8078, EN ISO 15874 standards.