Haydar Şahin, founder and still leading, was born in Tokat in 1960. His story also started by apprenticeship in the machining sector such as lathe-router, die-sinking when he was just 11-12 years old. This story includes a period of half a century reaching from mastership, contract manufacturing to industrialism.

He has been known as a well mold master in the market since 1990 when he founded the company of Formül Plastik. He purchased injection machines a few years later and carried out fittings contract manufacturing with molds which he had manufactured himself for other plastic manufacturers.

He started to question the future of the contract manufacturing through his independent character and vision and decided to manufacture with his own trademark in the early 2000s.

In the early years, he manufactured and sold corner conduit, pipe fixture, clip-on holder, waste water and clean water clamps from the category of “accessories”.

In 2006, he turned towards export, particularly to the regions of Middle East and North Africa through pipe manufacturing.

He ensured for Formül to become the leading exporter of the sector, the company having the biggest variety and the most active, the most flexible and the strongest company thanks to his manufacturing knowledge from mastership, human management obtained from ability and experiences, organization and visionary leadership ability.

Haydar Şahin, who knows well what, when and how investments should be made, will continue to advance Formül towards the future targets via organization and visionary leadership ability. He will always prioritize the values and requests of the market, dealers and customers throughout this travel.